La Liste – The List


Session – 03- 2014/06/01

Une ville – Luc Delahaye

Passengers – Wittwer and Keller

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity – Mike Brodie

A Kind of Rapture – Robert Bergman

Mr. Mkhize’s Portrait & other stories from the new South Africa – Broomberg et Chanarin

End of an Age  Paul Graham

Casa de Campo – Antonio M. Xoubanova


Session – 02- 2014/04/15

Pierdom – Simon Roberts

Rasen Kaigen  – Lieko Shiga

East to East – Klavdij Sluban

Haunted Air – Ossian Brown

A Visit With Magritte – Duane Michaels

Tokoyo no Mushi – Yoshiichi Har


Session – 01 – 2014/03/02

Revolution – Hiroshi Sugimoto

For Now – William Eggleston

Birds of the West Indies – Taryn Simon

Photo trouvée – Frizot, Michel et Cédric de Vergy

Minutes to Midnight – Trent Parke

The Suffering of Light – Alex Webb

Silver Ghost – Thaddeus Holownia

Broken Manual – Alec Soth

War Primer 3 – Lewis Bush



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